Precision Monitoring focuses on providing an advanced level of cardiac ambulatory monitoring solutions and quality assurance while maintaining and sustaining long term patient and physician relationships.

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Cardiac Monitoring

Continuously records ECG data while using built-in cellular technology for data transfer

Exceptional Reporting

Provides exceptional remote healthcare diagnostics and patient monitoring solutions

Our Solutions

Helping physicians simplify business processes and execute strategies for healthcare management

“Precision Monitoring’s device caught a symptom that I have been trying to help my physician diagnose for months and I’m very impressed that Precision Monitoring alerted my physician. This allowed him to alert me regarding what needed to be done. I was very very impressed with the whole procedure and the level of professionalism from the whole Precision Monitoring team.”

- Dr. Fay Patient

“I LOVE Precision Monitoring…”

- Dr. McFarlane

“I’m extremely happy with Precision Monitoring services, responsiveness, turnaround time and, overall, everything produced by this monitoring company…”

- Dr. Humayun

“Continued to be very impressed with Precision Monitoring’s turnaround time.  Less than 24 hours to get the report.”

- Hospital System

End of Study Sample Report

  • Each End of Study provides detailed statistical and diagnostic ECG analysis, in conjunction with accurate Tachycardia, Bradycardia, AF, VE and SVE burden representation.
  • We guarantee an End of Study delivery time of 24 – 48 hrs from the day of completion for all patient’s studies.
  • Nationally board certified and recognized technicians processing and analyzing all cardiac data to ensure and provide accurate reporting for better physician diagnosing.

Urgent Event Sample Report

  • Effective and detailed 24/7 reporting of notifiable cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Using Bluetooth technology, ECG tracings transferred continuously allows us to provide physicians with early detection of any lethal cardiac arrhythmias.
  • Full-Disclosure ECG tracings provided for complete and thorough diagnosis.


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