Wearing a Precision monitor will help with the diagnosis of potential heart rhythm problems when you are outside a clinic or hospital, all while continuing your normal daily activities. By continuously tracking your heart rhythms, doctors are more likely to discover whether an arrhythmia is causing your symptoms, and then determine the appropriate treatment for your condition.

Monitor Intended Use

The cardiac device is intended for use by patients who either have, or are at risk of having cardiac disease and those that demonstrate intermittent symptoms indicated by cardiac disease and require cardiac monitoring on a continuing basis. The device continuously records ECG data and, upon detection by an ECG analysis algorithm or manually initiated by the patient, automatically delivers the recorded cardiac activity to the server where it is presented and can be reviewed by a medical professional. The data received from the cardiac device can be used for arrhythmia analysis, reporting, and signal measurements. The cardiac device is not intended to sound any alarms. This cardiac device does not deliver any therapy, administer any drugs, provide interpretive or diagnostic statements, or provide any life-support. This cardiac device is for prescription use only.

Patient Expectations

The Precision Monitoring patient service team will guide you through your entire monitoring period and work with you to reduce the financial burden. Our 24-hour team is available to provide educational information and answer questions about our devices and services. We always encourage you to speak to your doctor about your medical condition and the best course of therapy. If you have concerns or symptoms, contact your doctor or health care professional. If you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately

Common Questions

Do I need to wear RhythmStar at all the time?

Yes, unless showering or exposed to water, always wear your RhythmStar to help ensure the Monitoring Center and your physician can get your important heart information as promptly as possible.

Can I travel wearing RhythmStar?

if you are planned to be away for the Longer than 24 hours, take the charger and the additional battery with you as well. If you are travelling by air, the monitor may trigger the airport detectors, but it will not be damaged. Prior to your trip, the monitoring center can instruct you how to turn off the cellular radio on the device by placing in “Flight Mode”.

Do I need wireless Internet access or Cellular data plan?

No, the RhythmStar monitor has built-in cellular technology and sends your ECG to the Monitoring Center via a cellular network. There is no cost to you for the transmissions.

How often do I need to change the Rechargeable battery in the RhythmStar?

Several factors, including the cellular network coverage quality and the amount of data being transmitted, can impact the battery life. It is recommended that you place a fully charged battery into the RhythmStar once daily.

Product Questions

For any questions about your Precision Monitor and/or any other related questions please feel free to call us at 1– 800–341–1043

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