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“It was because of your monitor, that my doctor discovered my life-threatening condition, rushed me into emergency surgery and saved my life. Thank you – technician, secretaries, inventors, package handlers – thanks to everyone who had a part in this miracle. May God protect you and bless you; place His powerful, wise and loving hand on your families, to bless and prosper you. May you know the rich, deep, refreshing love of the Lord Jesus. With much thanksgiving, may our God BLESS YOUR HEARTS.”

- Linda H

“Thank you for monitoring my heart.”

- Kathryn R.

“Precision Monitoring has provided the BEST customer service I have dealt with in sometime. Pleased with all the follow-ups and customer service from everyone I had the pleasure of dealing with throughout my monitoring process…”

-Clifford J.

“I received my Precision Monitoring heart monitor and immediately impressed by the paperwork provided instructing patients to reach out directly to the company regarding any responsibility for the test being performed. I am pleased to see this information is provided for each patients’ monitoring kit so everyone knows up front what will be owed for monitoring with Precision Monitoring. I have previously monitored with other companies that were not upfront with this information and received a massive bill at the conclusion of my testing period. Precision Monitoring deserves a pat on the back for being so helpful to their patients’.”

- Anonymous

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